Highway Drains are designed to:

  • remove surface water run-off from the highway to help keep roads safe and minimise problems
  • prevent damage and make roads last longer through effective drainage
  • minimise surface water from the highway affecting properties or land

Our highway drains are not usually designed to provide drainage for other areas outside of the highway boundary.

We are responsible for maintaining and fixing drainage and managing surface water during moderate to heavy rainfall on the highways across Kent. We do this by inspecting, maintaining, improving and setting standards for 250,000 road drains and associated drainage systems, including flood response where highway surface water is causing a danger to the highway network or causing internal property flooding.

If the flood is not dangerous you can report it below by selecting the blocked drain on the map. If a drain is blocked but is not causing dangerous flooding, it will be unblocked as part of our scheduled cleaning programme.

Map key

1  Gully    2  Existing gully problem